Getting Ready

My departure is approaching about as fast as finals week surprised me this semester. I’m not quite prepared yet — typical. I have about a week until I say ciao to the States for two months. So much adventure is sitting right around the corner. But first, I have a lot to do before I leave. Packing has proved to be somewhat stressful so far. It’s hard to reconcile light and efficient with trendy, potentially useful, and cute. I want to stick with the basics, but I also want to be prepared and somewhat stylish — even though I typically don’t go out of my way to be either of those. Before you can pack, you need something to put everything in. After deliberating for a month about what luggage to buy, I finally found one I think will work. I decided to go with the High Sierra 24″ Wheel-N-Go Duffel. I couldn’t resist how lightweight it is. It cost about $100.00 less than the other suitcase I was interested in. We’ll see how it holds up, and if I’m still satisfied at the end of my trip. As for content, right now I’m still deciding what clothing to pack. Two months is a considerable amount of time to be homeless. That being said, I’m also not interested in carrying a two ton closet across Europe. The compromise I’ve made with myself is as follows: one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, two t-shirts, two dressy shirts, one flirty dress, one swimsuit, sporty sandals, dressy (comfortable) sandals, Converse, and, obviously, underwear. Depending on space, I might have to add or subtract from this list. I’ll also need to fit my toiletries, chargers, a converter, and copies of important documents. I plan to purchase shampoo and conditioner after I have arrived in Italy, so I’m bringing only enough to get me by for a night or two until I can make it to the store. I don’t wear much make-up, so a tube of mascara and lipstick should do the trick. A product that might be unnecessary, but that I’m excited to bring nevertheless, is small travel size Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus spray. I’m trying to avoid packing easily wrinkled clothes, but being compacted into a duffle bag is sure to make a few creases here and there. I’ll be revising my list of things to pack until I leave. This will do for now.


The Wild Life by Vacationer


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