Roma, Roma, Roma

I made quite the royal entrance to the Eternal City yesterday. I had the great fortune of flying first class all the way from Oklahoma. Immediately after boarding, I was treated to a glass of champagne. There was an abundance of leg room, and my seat was a luxury recliner. To top it off I was sitting behind the much admired former governor of Oklahoma, Brad Henry, and his wife. I may as we’ll have been an A-list celebrity. Once in the air each passenger received his or her own personal tablet on which he or she could could select from a wide range of movies, games, and other features to stay entertained for the nine hour flight. I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and Funny Face. The meals that were served were fabulous. For dinner I had a three course meal; salad and an assortment of melon with mozzarella, a beef filet with a Spanish red wine, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sundae for dessert. The flight attendants took great care of me. My seat fully reclined into a bed, so I was able to get a little bit of sleep. When I woke up I received a coffee and scrambled eggs with a plate of fresh cut fruit. It goes without saying it was the best flying experience I’ve ever had. I’ll never be able to thank my dear uncle enough for treating me to such a generous gift. After I landed the dean of OU’s Education Abroad program greeted me and directed me to the train. I met a fellow American girl to ride the train with. She was from Pennsylvania and was going to stay in a Roman convent until she met up with her parents in Venice. We went our separate ways once we arrived at the Termini. I easily found my hotel which is conveniently located very nearby the station. The hotel check-in time was delayed, so some of the OU students and I explored the nearby area. I wanted nothing more than to wash my face and pop a couple of Advil. I knew I couldn’t go to sleep until night time if I wanted to get rid of the jet lag, but a nap would have been really nice. I didn’t get to do any of that, however. We went straight to sight-seeing. The professor showed us around the city and gave us an intro on what to expect. We got to see the Colosseum, the Jewish Ghetto, and some great piazzas. Afterwards we finally got to check-in! I got to wash my face and shower! And I got to take a nap! After my nap we had a great Italian dinner. At night fall a group of us went to explore the city and to see the Trevi Fountain. Navigating the city on our own was surprisingly successful. We ate gelato in front of the fountain. We found our way back to the hotel, and I cured my jet lag with some much needed sleep.















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  1. Mom · June 2, 2014

    So excited for you….love reading about your adventures. Have a great time! I love you! So proud of you! Be safe!

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