Tuscan Time

We’ve made it to Arezzo, home of Giorgio Vasari the first art historian. Arezzo is discretely exceptional. There is more history here than one would ever imagine. It was the first Christian town outside of Rome. It was once revered for its wealth from gold manufacturing. It is a beautiful medieval town with many churches and monasteries. The streets are all paved with sandstone. The shops all close for siesta. There is a surprising amount of local shops and boutiques lining all the streets. There’s an overwhelming amount of cafés and ristorantes. I ate at a delightful little mom-and-pop joint called Ciao just last night. They served me a delicious dish of gnocchi along with the best steak in town. My university has established a voucher system with many of the local restaurants, making it convenient to eat without spending extra money. The school that OU has set up here in our sister city of Arezzo is state of the art. The renovations OU is making to the old monastery are restricted and closely monitored by the Italian government. Everything from the color of wall paint to furniture has to first be approved by the finicky Italian government. Arezzo is bigger and busier than it sounds, but definitely much more slow paced than Rome and even Venice. However, it is very safe and beautifully situated in the heart of Tuscany.





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  1. Mom · June 13, 2014

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip! I love you! Thank you for updating us! Arrivederci!

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